Benefits to Mobile Grooming

  1. No more car sickness

  2. No dirty dogs in your car

  3. Eliminates long stays at the grooming salon

  4. No kenneling

  5. No contact with other dogs

  6. 1 on 1 attention on your pet at all times

  7. Calm environment

  8. Makes grooming appointment easy for people with multiple dogs

  9. Pets with separation anxiety stay close to home

  10. Pet parents with separation anxiety know their pet is just outside their door

  11. No long wait times

  12. Up to date vaccines not necessary (Although Rabies & Parvo are recommended)

  13. Faster grooms

  14. Quiet environment

  15. Pet is never left alone for any reason

  16. No interruptions during the groom

  17. Dog is groomed start to finish

  1. You know who is always handling your pet

  2. Same groomer every time

  3. Great for people with a busy schedule

  4. Great for people with young children

  5. Great for people without a vehicle

  6. Save yourself 2 trips to the groomer each time

  7. Do not need to leave your home

  8. Do not need to take off your slippers!

  9. Great for dog-aggressive dogs

  10. No kennel drying

  11. Each pet is hand dried / fluffed

  12. Always have the opportunity to speak to the groomer before the groom

  13. Have your older children meet us at the door while you’re at work

  14. We can even groom your dog while you are at work (Provide us with a key or code for alarm) *Must have had at least 1 prior groom with us and dog must be ok with someone coming into the house

  15. Groom at your home or workplace

    1. Same products every time