Diamond Dogs Mobile grooming mobile is built and designed for grooming dogs. It is equipped with a furnace and an air conditioner to groom in all-weather comfortably. It also has a hot water tank so that we can bathe dogs in warm water.


at your work, your home, or your friends’ home!

Our mobile can park anywhere if the ground is flat and there are no parking restrictions.


It all begins when the groomer pulls up to your house. The groomer will come to your door and discuss with you the type of groom you would like and take your dog directly to the mobile. Once inside the grooming mobile, we have a hydraulic table to lift your dog to the desired height for grooming.


Your dog will have a warm bath with our top-quality products and be fully blow dried. We do provide ear protection for your pet while he/she is being dried, this product is called a Happy Hoodie.

The grooming table is equipped with a Groomers Helper to give the groomer an extra hand if needed. The mobile is also equipped with a sling for geriatric dogs, or dogs who need help standing.


The dog is groomed and returned to your door. Payment is taken at the door. We accept cash, debit, cheque and e-transfer.


Groom while you are away from home

For our returning customers we can offer grooming even when you are not home, provided your dog is ok with us coming into your home. You can provide us with your alarm code, or key to your home, we will enter, groom the dog, and you will come home to a sparkling clean pet without having to lift a finger! Ideally, we would like the pet to be in a kennel near the door.