FULLY BOOKED – Not Available

Nails Clipped & Dremeled
Ears cleaned & plucked
Teeth brushed
Bath, shampoo & conditioner
Blow/fluff dry
Paws and sanitary shaved
Brushed out
Combed out
Clipped to the desired length
Bow or bandana


(Double coated and short coated dogs)

Nails Clipped & Dremeled
Ears cleaned
Teeth brushed
Bath, deshedding shampoo & conditioner
Blow dry/blow out
Brushed out
Removal of dead undercoat (if applicable)
Combed out
Tidy-up with scissors (butt, legs, ears, etc)
Bow or bandana

Double coated dogs will not be clipped without a note from your vet.


With the purchase of a full groom of any dog, you may add on a “Wash & Wear” at a discounted price. A “Wash & Wear” dog is a small dog that requires very minimal, or no brushing. We wash the coat, and the dogs wear it, (includes nail trim and ear cleaning).

Price RANGE $45+

List of Wash & Wear dogs:

  • Boxer
  • Bull Terrier
  • Chihuahua short coat
  • Daschund Smooth coat
  • Bull Dog French 
  • Fox Terrier Smooth
  • Italian Greyhound
  • Jack Russel Terrier Smooth
  • Miniature Pinscher


De-pelt $10-$30

A pelted dog is a severely matted dog. It is dangerous for groomers to shave pelted dogs and therefore takes more time, precision, and it dulls our blades quicker.

De-matt $1 per Minute up to 15 minutes

Diamond Dogs Mobile Grooming will not do full body de-matting as it is painful and inhumane. We will assess each dog individually and decide if de-matting is appropriate.

Double coat shave down $20

Diamond Dogs Mobile grooming does not endorse shaving double coated dogs and will not do it unless the dog is severely matted and there is no other option or there is a note from the vet, (perhaps the dog had skin problems etc).

Special Handling fee $5-$22

There may be a special handling fee for difficult dogs, obese or senior dogs, should the groom take more time or be more physically demanding for the groomer.

Cancellation $30 per dog / No-show fee $50 per dog

Diamond Dogs Mobile grooming requires 24 hours notice of cancellation in order to waive the fee.

Late fee $1/min

Should we arrive at your home at the appointment time and you are not there, the fee is $1 per minute, for a maximum of 15 minutes and then we will consider it a no-show.

Flea or lice $50

Should your pet bring flea’s or lice into our mobile salon, there is a $50 cleanup fee.

Bite fee $20 per wound                        

Should your dog bite the groomer there is a $20 fee per wound. Please let us know if your dog has bitten anyone in the past so that we can be properly prepared to groom your pet safely.


(Charged by time)

Tooth brushing

Teeth are brushed with “Vet’s Best” Nature Health Care Enzymatic Toothpaste.

• Gently cleans away plaque and tartar
• Freshens Breath
• Dog must be OK with having mouth and teeth touched

Blueberry Facial

A tearless facial for your pet. Color brightener, tear stain remover and great for dirty beards, while providing a calming, aromatheraputic experience for your dog.

This is applied after your pet has already had a bath, we then provide an enjoyable head massage using a circular motion throughout the whole face area to allow the solution to penetrate. It is left undisturbed for 2 minutes so that antioxidants can be activated. Once rinsed the result is not only brighter, cleaner hair but also strengthens strands that are now better equipped to fight off dirt and stains.

Paw Fizz

Stop Paw Licking – Natural tea tree oil fights fungus and bacteria that can irritate puppy paws and cause licking

Squeaky Clean – Keep paw pads clean and fresh from dirt accumulated from going on walks playing outside and more.

Moisturizing – Seaweed extract helps soothe moisturize and hydrate paw pads. Leaves your dog conditioned and comfortable

Fresh Nails – Repeated use conditions and brightens nails.

De-shed Treatment

Dog is bathed in a de-shed shampoo, & de-shed conditioner, and a variety of tools are used depending on the coat type to remove dead undercoat that the dog is shedding.